More about entrepreneurial healt-promotion

Exercise & Nutrition Management

Health in relation to work life and family. The balance between these three life areas can be optimized by simple measures. Efficient tools are individually designed exercises and nutrition plans. Owing to a coached process with a «target – status quo – plan – implementation – control» approach, the participants learn to manage their health themselves.

Relaxation & Sleep Management

Organizational changes always entail additional efforts and influence motivation and performance and, last but not least, your health. Absences and fluctuation increase. It is important to counteract such trends. No strain (performance) without relaxation (regeneration). In this seminar: The best relaxation methods, customized and easy to learn, lasting and measurable stress management, condition balance and positive attitude and the special «Improvement of sleep quality».

Stress & Burnout Management

Burnout prevention is a leadership task. The capacity to seriously tackle the topic, however, is usually missing in everyday work life.

Back Management

«There is only delight in a strong backside» - a day seminar. Stress and long sitting hours increasingly result in health problems, especially with the back muscles and the spine. Muscular disbalance, postural defect, pain and tension are the result.


Health in the team – five attractive short modules for the health promotion of a whole team: an interactive workshop series arranged over a year for a maximum of 20 employees. Moderate exercising strengthens endurance, heart and immune system. Concentrated and efficient thanks to optimal nutrition. Without relaxation no performance – how to easily chill out. Order the fit im job Change Report.
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